Martin VDO Sceptron

Martin VDO Sceptron


Martin VDO Sceptron Manual

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Length: Available in 320 mm (12.6 in.) and 1000 mm (39.4 in.) versionsWidth: 27 mm (1.07 in.)
Height: 28 mm (1.10 in.)
Weight: 1.2 kg / m (0.81 lbs. per foot)


  • 10 mm pixel pitch

  • 250 cd per meter calibrated

  • 750 lumen per meter calibrated

  • High-quality 16-bit per color image processing technology

  • Pixel-level brightness and color calibration for optimal image quality

  • P3/DMX controllable (automatic protocol detection)

  • Intuitive mapping and addressing via P3 System Controller

  • Combined power/data input (single cable for power and data input)

  • Supported by integrated power and data processor
    (P3 PowerPort 1500 or P3 PowerPort 1000 IP) and simple cabling system

  • Available in lengths of 1000 mm and 320 mm

Power and data input: 6-pin custom (BBD) IP66-ratedPower and data thru: 6-pin custom (BBD) IP66-ratedHot plugging compatible

Orientation: Any
Mounting: Slot for locking nuts on back of profile (M6) and optional sliding
bracket for M12 boltMounting
options: Flat surface at any angle, pedestal or other suitable support

Nominal input voltage: 48 VDC +/- 4%
Power supply options: Martin P3™ PowerPort 1500, P3™ PowerPort 1000 IP, Tripix™ Power or generic 48 VDC PSU
Total power consumption (at max. intensity, full white): 33 W per meter

Control and Programming
Control options: Martin P3™ System Controller via Martin P3™ PowerPort 1500 / Martin P3™ PowerPort 1000 IP, and/or DMX
Protocol detection: Automatic
Control modes: RGB, basic, segment and pixel-level
Setting and addressing: P3 System Controller or RDM-compliant controller
Control resolution: 16-bit (P3) or 8-bit (DMX) control of each color
Color and intensity calibration: Pixel-levelDMX channels: 3/10/13/22/103/307
DMX compliance: USITT DMX512-ARDM compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20
Firmware update: Via Martin P3™ System Controller

ConvectionMaximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 55° C (131° F)
Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): -30° C (-22° F)
Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/- 10%): 115 BTU/hr per meter

Control/User Interface
Device status: Multi-color visual indication
Device test and reset: Magnetic pushbutton to call up local
test patterns and reset device

Photometric Data
Color resolution: 16 bits per color (48 bits per pixel)
Viewing angle: 120° x 120°
Pixels per meter: 100
Pitch (pixel center-to-center): 10.00 mm
Luminous intensity, calibrated mode: 250 cd per meter*
Total output, calibrated mode: 8 333 nits (modules spaced 30 mm center-to-center)*
Total output, calibrated mode: 750 lumens per meter*
*Preliminary data, figures are approximate.


Open Front
Flat Diffuser
Flat Smoked Diffuser
Round Diffuser
Round Smoked Diffuser
Square Diffuser (supplied as standard with fixture)
Square Smoked Diffuser
Tube Diffuser
Tube Smoked Diffuser
NoBlend Diffuser
Smoked No
Blend Diffuser
Asymmetric (Wall-Washing) Lens
Minimum LED lifetime: 50 000 hours (to >70% luminous output)*

Signal Protocol
Martin P3 (via Martin P3™ PowerPort) or DMX

Video Processing
Brightness control
Gamma correction and control
Color temperature control
Color space control
Calibration processing