Meet The Crew

As the saying goes: “Your only as good as your crew”
Welcome to Fiend Productions. Meet our crew, who are always here to help.


Jess Mathews - MD


Dom Gross - FD





Ronaldo - Warehouse Manager

Ron is in charge of all the kit moving in and out, as well as all the tricky counting it bit! He used to work as a sound engineer…and had no idea what he was getting himself into! He still tells everyone how much he loves sound…even though nobody listens


Alex - Project Manager

Alex and Jess met years ago freelancing over the years in a number of Londons top venues, and varying touring artists. Now everybody has settled down Alex has become a valuable part of the team here.


Josh - Maintenance Technician

Josh spends his time divided by fixing anything given to him in the ‘oops it got broken’ kit cave, and following the cafetiere around the warehouse from the time he hears the kettle boil. One thing we can be pretty sure of: If the warehouse looks like its on fire, or is actually on fire, Josh will most likely be behind it!


Hire & Business Development Manager


Sally - Accounts/Marketing

Sally is the newest member of our team. She was sitting in the office one day as we were all feeling a bit down about our websites lack of loveliness, and the fact we have all this brand new shiny equipment in the warehouse that people didn’t know about, when Jess remembered she used to be the marketing assistant at Safran! The reason your reading this, is because she accepted the job!